344 Congress Street - Boston, MA  02210


344 Congress Street, home of the Boston Fire Museum and the Boston Sparks Association. 
Built in 1891, and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987

A closer view of the front of the building showing the
composite brick and granite facade.

Some of the displays at the museum. 
Left to right, the earliest hand pumper constructed by Ephraim Thayer in 1792,
a replica of a horse stall with harness suspended from ceiling for quick hook up
and a 19th century Steam pumper modified to be self propelled
with a front wheel drive tractor by Christie.

Closer view of Steam Pumper and internal combustion tractor
added to extend its useful life.

American LaFrance hand drawn Ladder unit which was probably used
in a mill complex or other confined area. The small sled lettered for Engine 21
shown in the foreground was used to carry salt and used to keep areas
around hydrants free of snow and ice. At left is a console from
Boston Fire Alarm used to send calls to the appropriate firehouse.

1966 American LaFrance Pumper model 900. 
Former Mt. Vernon, Va. unit. 1000 gpm pump, diesel engine.



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